kismet | What we do

The Pharmacy:

  • Prescription Filling & Consulting

  • Vaccinations & Immunizations

  • Prescription Transfer — We make it easy!

  • Compounded Prescriptions

  • Free Prescription Delivery

  • Prescription Management — Let us follow up with your doctors when you’re out of refills

  • Clinical Consulting, Chronic Care Management, Medication Therapy Management

  • Provide expert health & wellness advice

  • UPS Access Point — Drop & pick up your packages with us

The General Store:

What is the modern general store? We see it as your source to curated locally made products and unique finds sourced from small businesses across the country.

  • St. Louis and Regional products

  • Gourmet food & coffee selections

  • Unique beauty & grooming supplies

  • Locally sourced household cleaning products